S.T.L.JAPAN [SAKAE 21] Propeller working unit for your valuable desktop airplane models(1/100,1/72,1/48, or bigger)!!

Generally typical aircraft modeller tried to turn the propellor with the finger by themselves with longing for big sky !!

S.T.L.JAPAN surely makes your dream come true with newly developed high performance motor "HS-SM1 (SAKAE 21)
* Under application for a patent on a utility model.

It is capable to turn the propeller more than 1 hour without a break for a single engined plane (more than 30 minutes for a double engined plane.)

[SAKAE 21] Propellor Power Unit contains following....

HS-SM1 super mini motor. x 1
Lithium cell(cable assembled) x 1
Lead Switch(cable assembled) x 1
Small magnet
(5x5x3 m/m:0.19"x0.19"x0.12") x 1
Wiring material(Shrinkable tube) X 1

Lay out necessary parts on the desk.

It is an exciting moment to customize it by yourself.

It's completed. You made it !!
You will enjoy propeller working which makes your model more realistic, Great !!

Feel free to contact us for further details as well as our best price.

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